Everyday NSW Sightings And Other Bollocks!
dateline= Wrote:[cite] Timmaaayyyyyyy:[/cite]If they keep failing they won't have a future!!!
Spoke to Upper Hunter 2 Control at Breeza and he told us that Scumbag's were having problems at Ardglen. Promptly told him they better get their fingers out of their arseholes and move it!

I heard a story from a guy up north the other day.
Apparently there was great concern and worry caused last week when a Scumbag and Simpleton loco travelled all the way from Enfield to Chullora without suffering a major failure.
This sort of occurance should be seriously looked into. They can't be wasting all their time planning for the next Scumbag failure when they just go and perform faultlessly without any warning at all.

I think it was GORDON (The Splendid Engine) that once said "Its not wrong, but we just don't do it"

Brad (with a little help from Mr Tanduay!)
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