[Courier Mail] $14b subway system for Brisbane announced by Anna Bligh
dateline= Wrote:AN underground railway system for Brisbane could be up and running as early as 2020, premier Anna Bligh has told State Parliament today.

Ms Bligh said the $14.2 billion underground rail system  would feature new tracks along two lines, from the southern Gold Coast and the western Ipswich lines, extending to the north of Brisbane.

It would feature underground tunnels up to 13km long, and stations at Spring Hill, Woolloongabba, the CBD, the RNA showgrounds and West End, that would be up to 45 metres underground.

It's wonderful (for the people of Brisbane) that they are to spend $14b on Brisbane's public transport. I wonder when they'll get around to the rest of the state...

I wonder if they ever stop to think that by building infrastructure in other parts of the state they might ease the overcrowding in the Capital?
Graham R - Dalby Qld
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Its interesting driving up Bowen Bridge rd to the city these days, the new busway 12m high ramp / concrete stilt thingos are taking shape and the astetics of the hospital precinct along that section of road are .... well ......scared.

Everybody wants subway now..Sydney, Melbourne and now Brisbane!
(07-Oct-2008, 05:36 PM)standard_gauge link Wrote:Everybody wants subway now..Sydney, Melbourne and now Brisbane!
Can we have one in Dalby? Wink
Graham R - Dalby Qld
Any opinions expressed here are my own and not those of any group or organisation I am associated with.
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You can have ours, Graham.  Can't see a real need for a subway in Brisbane.  The CBD is tiny by international standards, I'd prefer the money was spent on the rail system, or on providing some light-rail on the existing busways....
Personally I think 14b should be spent on restoring elederly locomotives and railmotors myself Tongue
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Hey look, where a green type of a government.... vote us in again. were a green government.... no need to vote for those other parties....

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It's nice to have pipe dreams I suppose! They need to worry about getting people into town, before they worry about moving them around it..
The reality is they need an alternative into town. The service is going to bottleneck big time trying to get through the two existing tunnels in the CBD. 
And guess what good old NSW is getting?
More freeways and freeway extensions...
The NW light rail is of no interest, as it passes through no marginal labour electorates, and is of no political value...
According to Mr Rudd anyway.

THE Federal Government has told NSW not to bother asking for funds for the $12 billion North West Metro project because there are no federal Labor votes in it.

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, told a meeting in February involving the former premier, Morris Iemma, and senior state bureaucrats that they were not interested in the rail project because Labor had no marginal seats in the area it would service, senior NSW sources said.

The top priorities, released by Mr Rees's office yesterday, are the West Metro, at an estimated cost of $10 billion, and the M4 extension, at $5.5 billion.

The second priority list contains the M4 port/airport link extension ($3.6 billion) and the M5 expansion ($2 billion). Next comes the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor ($3.1 billion) and the F3 to M2 link ($4.1 billion).

The fourth list contains the F3 to Branxton corridor ($1.3 billion), a Pacific Highway upgrade ($9.6 billion) and Princes Highway improvements ($1.2 billion).

Mr Rees has repeatedly refused to guarantee the future of the North West Metro since becoming Premier on September 5. With a cost-cutting mini-budget due on November 11, he has made it clear his Government is intent on winding back infrastructure plans.

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