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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has been to the Canberra rail museum. If yes, is it any good? Is there much there. I had a bopeep at their website, it didn't look like much there at all.

I saw it about 10 years ago, but only from outside the fence, they were not open. Back then I didn't think much of it.
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It's not really a museum as I see it except for some of the small displays, its really  a base for there operational gear, if you expect to see dozens of displays you'll be disappointed, if you expect to see gear that runs on the mainline that you can look at when its not being used you'll be alright.
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Some shots from 10/11 there last year:


[Image: P1010358.jpg]

3112, in it's own private siding:

[Image: P1010350.jpg]


[Image: P1010352.jpg]


[Image: P1010356.jpg]
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I could spend all day poking around there...
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My goodness that 73 is a handsome beast
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We went up there during the June Holidays of 2006 for a ride up to Royalla I think it is behind 1210. Great ride and very friendly staff.

The Museum is so worth a visit, could spend hours there perusing at my own leisure.
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Was there several years ago and it was great. Well worth the trip.

At the time you had to be accompanied by one of the volunteers. Rail accreditation and insurance. I was at the time still NSW qualified and that didn't make any difference. Can you just wander around now?
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I was there earlier this year, a lot of stuff. They've just about got an entire Southern Aurora set there - which they use for charters and short trips out to Bugendore. They still have a volunteers to take through the punters...I think its every Sunday.
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I will be down that way in about a week's time, though I'm not sure whether that will be a Sunday or not. According to their website, that's the visiting day. If not, will have to be content with peering through the fence.
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