Steam at Campbelltown
Some info on the Camden branch here, including a couple of photos.

Here's my own photos from just over 7yrs ago of the site of Kirkham station.

[Image: th_scan0021c.jpg]

This is looking Up towards the next station Grahams Hill, the site of which is now thoroughly obliterated by 21st century housing :mad If you are driving along the Camden Valley Way (Old Hume Hwy) which runs parallel to this stretch of trackbed, a small culvert is still discernible between here and Grahams Hill

[Image: th_scan0023c.jpg]

Looking in the same direction, but from across the site of the one time levelxing.

[Image: th_scan0022c.jpg]

Looking Down towards the next station Elderslie (last one before Camden), and across the one time levelxing site.

[Image: th_scan0024c.jpg]

Similar view here. The station, when it physically existed, was located to the left of the trackbed remnants.

Stand clear, doors slicing
June  last year whilst they were clearing  land adjacent to the southern end  of Campbelltown yard I went for a crawl through the  mud and  heavy undergroath and fould the concrete abutment and concrete  pier  over Bow bowing creek, I did  take some  photographs will post them soon, but Id say with the SSFL going through there this piece  of formation will be obliterated


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