Werris Creek
My container got here in one piece, but it was about 2 weeks late due to the rain up north. It didnt leave Cairns for ages because of the rain...typical Cairns weather. The most important thing was my bike was in the back of the container and it was all good. I was a bit worried about those useless terminal operators at Cairns sticking a forklift tyne through the side of the container, but all was good.
Glad the move went alright man, hope young Nicholas treated you alright on the Newy camp. Wink
Regards,<br />Scott<br /><br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/theshoppingtrolley/
They've got a new game in Cairns lately, Tapey.
It's called "dodge the forklift tynes".
Similar to Brandy/Dodge Ball.
The score so far:
Forks 1  -  Employees 0
Yes he was a very lucky boy...being hit with a 12 tonnes fork tyne and ending up against the forklift mast and not getting run over...what would the odds be?
1st trip to Newcastle was with Nick and all went well. I have just finished sitting in a bus for a week going around the sidings...bus fever crept in. Am out as 2nd person next week as they are pushing us out quick because they need bums on seats. Its looks like it will be sink or swim time. :eek
Can you [sup]swim?[/sup]
I've got some spare [sub]lead[/sub] around somewhere, if interested.
You just worry about getting rid of that rain up your way so you can get back to work. You have had enough time sitting at home annoying the wife and kids, now get back to work. I can swim as i have had practice of being in a barbed wire canoe in a river with no paddle, heaps of times. Thanks. :p

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