Ipswich Line trackwork question
When there is trackwork on the Ipswich Line and buses replacing Citytrain services beyond Corinda to Ipswich (but not Rosewood?), what happens to the freight trains (mostly coal?) and the Westie from Charleville during the occupation?

Are they still allowed through?
During recent weekend closures I believe nothing has been let through. The Westie has terminated at Rosewood with passengers being taken to RS by bus. Coalies have been "parked up" in various locations, like this one stowed at Macalister for the weekend...

[Image: 0810190032+_Large_.JPG]
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With most closures no traffic except spoil/ballast are allowed thru. They would stow coalies at the Island/Toowoomba or elsewhere. There are quite a few closures to come
the Beenleigh/Gold Coast line seems to have trackwork each month........
Most lines have some sort of work which will involve a closure of some sort. Wether it be track/overhead/signalling/level crossings/stations

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