Some DELEC demolition photos...
After a friendly type person allowed me a "stroll", the following non hornbag photos were sauced onto my camera, forthwith.
Perhaps some of you may get a little misty eyed over the demise of this iconic depot..
Amid all the crap, it is a welcome pustule of truth bursting forth.<br /><br />Well, as they say, &quot;normal&quot; is just a setting on a dryer. So if you stick enough people in a laundry room, someone is bound to want to violate that dryer.
Thats sad to see.
My early days as a dribbly foamer were spent with the regular Saturday trip to Delec.
Those were the days, one would simply sign a form and be expected to utilize ones own common sense. Despite never wearing any poofta vests I still managed to survive to type this today.

Would have loved to have got a souvenier from there before it was demolished, I suppose I shall just have to make do with the memories, well that and a few thousand photos.

I believe Gonzo has written a Delec article for one of the mags.

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All the filthy Aussie Rail info at
Check out the Philippine Railway Historical Society.

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