Vic, Dicing with death at dangerous railway level crossings
Vic, Dicing with death at dangerous railway level crossings
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Ashley Gardiner
July 17, 2009 12:00am
CAMERAS installed at dangerous railway level crossings have captured extraordinary acts of stupidity by drivers and pedestrians.
The Herald Sun has seen shocking footage of people risking their lives by entering level crossings despite active warning lights, bells and gates.
In one of the worst examples, a pedestrian walked across a crossing just before a train swept through.
He was seconds away from almost certain death.
It was the notorious Centre Rd, Bentleigh, crossing that was upgraded after the death of a schoolgirl in 2004.
She died after entering the crossing despite the gates being closed.

Video: Level crossing madness

In another shocking incident, a truck laden with heavy machinery rolls through a country level crossing on the Midland Highway, at Bagshot, north of Bendigo, with the warnings activated.
By the end of the year, motorists who flout the law at this crossing will be photographed and sent fines.
More cameras could be installed across the state in the future, but this will depend on Government funding.
Cars were also filmed speeding across the notorious Springvale Rd, Nunawading, crossing, the most dangerous in the state.
Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky said it was unbelievable people were still taking risks at crossings.
"When I saw the footage, that man's life flashed before my eyes, Ms Kosky said yesterday of the crossing at Centre Rd, Bentleigh.
"If he knew that he only had 10 seconds to live, he wouldn't have done it."
Motorists and pedestrians needed to think of others as well as their own safety, Ms Kosky said.
"I cannot believe what it must be like for the train driver," she said.
"People just need to stop and look for the train. Waiting just a few seconds can save your life."
Ms Kosky will today launch the latest advertisements in the Don't Risk It! campaign to encourage safer behaviour around level crossings.
"Level crossing safety is a shared responsibility and all road users need to take care and obey the signs whenever they use a level crossing," Ms Kosky said.
"Unfortunately some motorists continue to take risks by not slowing down, ignoring flashing lights and warning bells or rushing to beat boom barriers.
"These motorists need to understand that in attempting to save a few minutes of their time, they are putting their life and the lives of others at risk.
"Level crossing crashes have a devastating impact on families and communities and all motorists need to remember to slow down, obey the signs and be prepared to stop."
Roads (and by extension, level crossings) are not dangerous. It is only those drivers who choose not to drive according to conditions that are dangerous... :fishing
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