Canberra Fuel Trains
I know there's plenty of rumour about this subject, was wondering if any of those inside PN can confirm what a mate heard from the driver of the Canberra oil train.

Dubbo and Tamworth to cease running as of this week (hopefully the last Dubbo on Sunday, and no sooner, so I can get one final shot on Sunday)

Canberra to cease mid Jan

Bomen to continue through until the close of the loading point at Sandown, supposed to be March.

Anyone got any better (more reliable) information to share? Much appreciated Smile
A supervisor at work told me the same thing the other night, the only problem is he likes spinning yarns so I'm still cautious. Seems to be the most consistant rumour anyway.
Regards,<br />Scott<br /><br />
I was told the same thing about the Tamworth one finishing up on Friday 13th, with the Dubbo train using the same rake on Sunday.
Hehe, that Sunday Dubbo got AMEXed in the end.
(04-Dec-2009, 04:53 AM)Timmaaayyyyyyy link Wrote:Hehe, that Sunday Dubbo got AMEXed in the end.

Don't I know it... Went out looking for it, stupid train.
The Bomen tomorrow isn't too confident either! I'm contemplating going south for it, 2 X's with the lure of 2 X's on the Narrandera, makes it difficult to pass up!

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