4204, its first tour
LVR owned locomotive, 4204 made its first run with a tour to Dungog on Saturday 13th February.
[Image: 4372074591_c556392374_o.jpg]

The train is seen approaching Mout Colah in drizzly weather.
GM10 failed early but was restarted by the time the train reached Broadmeadow. On the return trip both 4204 and GM10 failed leaving S317 to do all of the work.
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Shame about the failures! But the 42 is looking good. Thanks for posting
[Image: main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=61026]

[Image: 4353459312_54b9f2c9f0.jpg]
Heading for Telarah seen passing through Wirragulla.

[Image: 4353459308_cb0d866e5c.jpg]
After being turned via the Telarah triangle the train is arriving at Dungog.

[Image: 4352710261_8957727b8b.jpg]
Running around the train, Dungog.

[Image: 4352710267_53a25b0a54.jpg]
Leaving Dungog Sydney bound.

[Image: 4352708639_48c7c50f6f.jpg]
Last shot of the day, passing through the extended loop of Mindaribba.
Ooh, somewhere to share photos with the eager masses Smile. Glad to see you fellas were able to get some photos despite the rain! I would have liked to be on the train, but instead was lucky enough to be able to chase it with a couple of mates of mine, as the tour was fully booked!

I'll just put up a couple of favourites, although all photos can be found on my Flickr Gallery.

[Image: 4358918430_bfa658093d.jpg]

[Image: 4358227821_16ce42d562.jpg]

[Image: 4358259973_753c8bac8c.jpg]

[Image: 4359791313_6f9ef106a0.jpg]

Find all photos (and a couple more) here:

Lovely shots, guys - thanks for posting! Confusedmiley  :thumb1 I was on the train (the first tour in years that I've ridden rather than chased), and can testify that an excellent time was had by all!! Big Grin In fact, I reckon we'll have to do it again sometime soon!
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Yep, terriffic photos by all.

Its so good to see preserved diesel action getting the support of the customers in NSW. Queensland is years behind in that regard.
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