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(07-Mar-2010, 07:25 PM)derailed link Wrote:To answer Petan's question about the Harman Steam Crane it is indeed self propelled. There is another Harman crane @ Lachlan Valley Railway, Cowra NSW which from the photo appears identical.

The coal grab attachment hasn't made it to Cowra - the jib carrying a hook only.
The LVR crane only drives on one axle now as one of the crown wheels was broken when it came to LVR. ie was designed to drive both axles.
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Hi all
Spent the weekend down at Thirlmere, chasing the trains Saturday, on crew Sunday with Les. Here's my video from the weekend, in 4 parts otherwise it wouldn't fit on youtube
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Enjoy, constructive feedback always welcome
Was up on the Glenreagh/Dorrigo line last January and was given permission to take some pics of the falling down but heritage listed sawmill at Ulong. I'm sure i saw what remains of a "Harman steam crane", will have to look again when we are up there this comming xmas..M
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A couple more views of the Steam Grab

[Image: 4419331838_3d23b58313_o.jpg]

[Image: 4419334118_33ee6df918_o.jpg]

I would estimate the speed of the machine at 6 hours per mile
It took a team of professionals to build the Titanic and a lone amateur to build the Ark
To compliment Stephen's excellent videos here is newly painted 3642 at Central after its return on Sunday.

[Image: 4418566219_2bed9414b6_o.jpg]
It took a team of professionals to build the Titanic and a lone amateur to build the Ark
Nice shots Les-i remember you making the comment about the driver of the coal crab with a massive smile on his face, and why wouldn't you have such a smile, she's a little beauty.
Also, thanks for the compliments on the video Les
Some of my shots are up on my flickr site, i can't seem to get them to link properly to here
I'll post this for anyone interested-3016 and 3642 to Wollongong, though it appears to only be 3642 on the Railcorp timetable at present

NSWRTM South Coaster Rail and Sail
6S60 on Sat 20/03/2010 will depart Thirlmere 0650, arrive Picton Frame C 0710, g, depart 0715, pass Picton 0717, Menangle 0736, Macarthur 0745, Campbelltown 0748, Ingleburn 0756, Glenfield Junction 0800 EH, East Hills 0807, Revesby 0810, M Kingsgrove 0819, 3r Turrella 0826 XE, IL Wolli Creek 0827, XI Sydenham 0831, Erskineville Junction 0834, Eveleigh (via Gate Road) arrive 0844 - Terminate and form 6S62 0939 hours

6S62 (Empty) depart Eveleigh (Shunting Neck) 0938 hours, (via Down Illawarra Dive) pass Illawarra Junction 0941 XUM, Sydney Terminal arrive 0946 hours. Form 6S63 1010 hours

Sydney Terminal – Hurstville – Sutherland – Scarborough
– Austinmer – Wollongong – Wollongong Down Yard
6S63 (Pass.) depart Sydney Terminal 1010 hours M, pass Illawarra Junction 10XI14, Erskineville Junction 1015, Sydenham 1018, Wolli Creek
Junctions 1020, Hurstville arrive 1029, depart 1031u, pass Mortdale 1035, Sutherland arrive 1047, depart 1049u, XUG Waterfall (Up Yard) arrive
1108W – water locomotive from water column – depart 1128x (C437) DM, pass Helensburgh 1139, Otford 1147, Coal Cliff 1157 / 1204, DM
Scarborough arrive 1209d, depart 1211, Austinmer arrive 1219d, depart 1221, pass Thirroul 1224, Corrimal 1230, Wollongong arrive 1237, depart
1240 (Empty), Wollongong Down Yard arrive 1243 – forms 1302 6S65

Wollongong Yard – Wollongong – Austinmer – Scarborough
– Sutherland – Hurstville – Sydney Terminal
6S70 (Empty) depart Wollongong Yard (No. 1 Down Siding) 1436 hours, DM Wollongong arrive 1438, depart 1442u (Pass.) XUM, pass Wollongong
Turnback 1443, Corrimal 1448, Thirroul 1454, Thirroul Yard 1455, Austinmer arrive 1457, depart 1459u, Scarborough arrive 1510, depart 1512u,
pass Coal Cliff 1517, Otford 1527, Helensburgh 1535, XUG Waterfall (Up Yard) arrive 1547W – water locomotive from water column – depart 1607
UM, Sutherland arrive 1621, depart 1623d, pass Mortdale 1631, IL Hurstville arrive 1634, depart 1636d, Wolli Creek Junction 1645, 6r XI Sydenham
1654, Erskineville Junction 1658, 8wlc Illawarra Junction 17XM00, Sydney Terminal arrive 1705 hours. Terminate - form 6S71 1738 hours

Sydney Terminal – Eveleigh
6S71 (Empty) will depart Sydney Terminal 1736 hours M, pass Illawarra Junction 1741,XI Eveleigh (Shunting Neck) arrive 1743S hours

Eveleigh – East Hills – Thirlmere (ARTC)
6S71 (Empty) depart Eveleigh (via Gate Road) 1820 hours, I pass Erskineville Junction 1829, Sydenham 1834 XIL, Wolli Creek Junctions 1838 XE,
M Turrella 1840, Kingsgrove 1844, Riverwood 1852, Revesby 1857, East Hills 1904, Glenfield Junction 1912, Ingleburn 1917, Campbelltown 1930,
Macarthur 1932, Picton 1955,shunt to up main, arrive Picton Frame C 2003, g, depart 2008, arrive Thirlmere 2030, stable
3016 leading 3642 at Wolli Creek this morning

[Image: 4446801943_a6343fbe34_o.jpg]
It took a team of professionals to build the Titanic and a lone amateur to build the Ark
Nice shot Les. Shame I missed the tour today, but had no free time to go after it

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