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They have been in pannic mode for ten years, I dont think kicking people off at Broadmeadow or Woodville jct would be a popular move.
from NSW Transport & Infrastructure website

Newcastle City Centre Revitalisation: Transport Steering Committee Terms of Reference

On 26 May 2009 the Government released the Newcastle City Centre Renewal Report for public consultation. The report canvasses the option of terminating the Newcastle rail line at Wickham, in conjunction with a number of catalyst projects to revitalise the Newcastle CBD.

An independent survey together with public submissions on the Renewal Report revealed considerable community support for revitalisation of the Newcastle City Centre and the removal of the heavy rail line to Wickham.

On 4 September 2009 the Premier announced that the Government would undertake a detailed scoping study of transport arrangements to support the revitalisation of the Newcastle City Centre.

A cross agency Transport Steering Committee (TSC) is to be established to advise Government on the following transport recommendations in the Newcastle City Centre Renewal Report:

The NSW Government revise its policy of retaining the rail line to Newcastle Station, subject to a rail operations plan and costing estimates for terminating the line at Wickham, west of Stewart Avenue being prepared; and

Subject to the above, the NSW Government oversee the preparation of an integrated transport plan that takes into account the changed circumstance around the implementation of terminating the line at Wickham west of Stewart Avenue and the response required by other public transport modes such as the public bus system and commuter car parks. This action plan will include further detailed planning on appropriate locations for commuter car parks in key regional locations.

Representation of the TSC is to include senior officers from NSW Transport and Infrastructure (NSWTI), Department of Premier and Cabinet, RailCorp, Roads and Traffic Authority, Department of Planning, Newcastle City Council and Hunter Development Corporation.

Meetings are to be held monthly at the offices of NSWTI (or more frequently as deemed necessary) and to be chaired and minuted by NSWTI.

Consistent with this, the terms of reference of the TSC are:

To oversee the engagement of consultants to complete a rail operations plan, and costing estimates for terminating the line at Wickham, with direct management of this process to be lead by RailCorp

To ensure that rail investigations inform the preparation of a broader Transport Management Accessibility Plan (TMAP) for the Newcastle City Centre

To oversee the completion of a TMAP in accordance with the draft Interim TMAP Guidelines, with direct management of this consultant process to be lead by NSWTI

To consult with key stakeholders and the community as required

To report to the Director General of NSWTI on a monthly basis or as required;
To advise Government on the feasibility of terminating the line at Wickham (west of Stewart Avenue) and the TMAP by June 2010 and of the cost of undertaking this work by September 2010.

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Anyone really keen should probably read ..... the last major report

:yawn:....only 112 pages..... :confused
Yeah that makes sense, revitalise a city by taking away its rail service!  :Smile :grr
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