The 76cm (2 ft 5+7⁄8 in) gauge railways of Yugoslavia

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[Image: terezina.jpg]


When we talk about the rack railways (cog railways) we usually think about Switzerland but in ex Yugoslavia there were a quite few on the 0.76 m railways, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All 0.76 m railways were closed in late 70’s.
One of the most popular rack steam engines were 79 (0-6+4R) serial engines. All of them were manufactured in Wiener Lokomotivfabrik Floridsdorf, starting from 1894. The very last one was delivered 1919, 39 steam engines in total. Only 5 survived, 2 in Austria, 1 in Slovenia and 2 in Bosnia Herzegovina. Only one is in running condition but as an adhesive steam loco as there is no rack tracks (anymore).

Wheels radius 0.8 m
The boiler pressure - 12 atm
Weight (full) 37 tons.
Max speed 15 km (rack) – 30 km (adhesive)
Maximum power 300 HP

[Image: 97-019_Lokwelt-Freilassing_02.jpg]

[Image: MuzejLJ156.jpg]

[Image: MuzejLJ158.jpg]

The most difficult part (and beautiful) to build and run was the narrow gauge line Sarajevo – Metković, especialy two rack sections . There is nothing left today as this narow gague line was gradualy scraped when new standard gauge line was built in 1966.

[Image: sakonpzupcanica.jpg]

[Image: 97025bradina080866zb4.jpg]

[Image: 97031028bradina080866rc6.jpg]

[Image: 97019006bradina080866xa8.jpg]

[Image: 97013032brdanipi100866cc2.jpg]

[Image: 97014bradina100866zv4.jpg]
The images belong to Milan S – Zeljeznice net



[Image: hpyh.jpg]
Mallet – JZ class 192.


Banovići - North East Bosnia and Hercegovina, mining area. There are 9 (76cm or 2 ft 5+7⁄8 in) active steam engines.

[Image: Banovici_25-33_83-158.jpg]

[Image: banovici2530831582000lv9.jpg]

[Image: Banovici_83-158_16-4-2005_A.jpg]

[Image: banovici25302000ce0.jpg]
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A few more images from the Shargan eight (Šarganska osmica)

Year 1940
[Image: ALfd4.jpg]

Year 1960
[Image: HNAWs.jpg]
The images belongs to Barac


A few more images from Banovići - North East Bosnia and Hercegovina, mining area.

[Image: img3969o.jpg]

[Image: img3724m.jpg]
Copyright Ciro bos


Šargan osmica (Shargan eight) - a photo session

[Image: turstanicagolubici.jpg]


I am ready to go. Banovići - Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2011

[Image: DSCN2785.jpg]
Copyright 68847


Once again, Banovići - North East Bosnia and Hercegovina, mining area.

[Image: 4277288_large.jpg]

[Image: baIMG_3023.jpg]

[Image: baIMG_3175.jpg]

[Image: Banovici129.jpg]

[Image: Banovici143.jpg]

[Image: Banovici144.jpg]

[Image: Banovici135.jpg]


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I did not write for a long time about what's going on with the remains of a once huge 76cm (2 ft 5+7⁄8 in) gauge railways in areas of ex Yugoslavia. For those one who were absent during the geography/history lessons we have now 7 countries instead of one - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. Not sure if we will have another few...

If you had a chance to read these topics before than you will know that the centre of that extensive network was in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia. In late 60-ies most of the network was closed or replaced with the standard gauge railways.

After 60 years there are some efforts to revitalise some parts and the best results are so far in the border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia where they are rebuilding the portion of ex rail line between Sarajevo and Uzice - the beautiful Šargan eight. The images belongs to Milan S.

[Image: 1024px-Sarganska_osmica_2.jpg]

[Image: 1024px-Sarganska_osmica_1.jpg]

[Image: Dobrun_28-08-2008_M104_12.jpg]

[Image: Dobrun_28-08-2008_M104_05.jpg]

[Image: Dobrun_28-08-2008_M104_09.jpg]

[Image: Dobrun_28-08-2008_M104_10.jpg]

They doing quite well. The newest extension, not yet finished is 4.2 km toward Užice. Once that is done the line will be almost 60 km long with plans for another 50 km. They have two big challenges; the money and extremely heavy terrain...

The newest extention Šargan Vitasi - Kremna

[Image: sh8x.jpg]

[Image: SV_13_A.jpg]

[Image: sargan.jpg]

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