Nation Building - 66 Qld Level Xing Upgrades
Yep... Thats my local crossing. Wink
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Thanks for the responses about "Safety Camera" instalations..... you would think that this should be publicised - part of a community awareness program etc etc....

Maybe this is a reason why ...... courtesy

Quote  Brisbane Times
Solution flagged for boomgate boofheads
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July 28, 2009 - 1:21PM.....from Ozbob's post of the same date....

Brisbane councillor Amanda Cooper said installing cameras could be valuable in the short-term.

"Anything that improves safety at this level crossing would be a good thing, but it wouldn't solve the problem and there needs to be a permanent solution," Cr Cooper said.

"We have committed to funding half the cost of a new overpass for Telegraph Road, but the State Government has told us there's no money available until at least 2015.

"The problem won't be solved until they come to the table and help us fund this overpass."

Ms Nolan questioned the value of installing traffic cameras at level crossings to videotape motorists who ran red lights, flashing lights and stops signs.

"This is not about building more infrastructure, this is about drivers failing to take sufficient notice of warning systems," Ms Nolan said.

"Stop signs, boom gates and flashing lights mean the same thing, slow down and be aware."


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