Opposition says train service 'deteriorating'

Opposition says train service 'deteriorating'

April 13, 2010

The State Opposition says the south coast train line is currently the worst performing rail service in all of New South Wales.

The Liberal Party's transport spokeswoman and Member for South Coast, Shelley Hancock, says the service is deteriorating.

Ms Hancock says performance figures for the Easter long weekend show only 55 per cent of services were running on time.

She says Railcorp is failing to meet its 92 per cent performance target for train services during the morning peak hour period.

"I'm very concerned and I'm sure south coast rail commuters would be very concerned that we are the worst performing rail line in the state," she said.

"That means that there were lots of trains that were late. That means that there were lots of people trying to get to Sydney, perhaps to the Easter show or to try and enjoy their holidays and they were held up over that really busy time".

Railcorp admits poor performance over the Easter long weekend in mornings but say the figures should not be read in isolation.

Chief operating officer, Andy Byford, says the south coast line was on time three out of four weeks in the lead-up to the break.

"This was bad week but it did include a number of major incidents including storms, heavy rain and flooding, plus we had vandalism which did delay a lot of trains," he said.

"And obviously that's not what we aim for as a company, but let's put this into context. The actual overall running of the south coast in very good."
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The article reads like it might have come off a media release. I can't find a website for Ms Hancock. Her page on the Liberal Party website doesn't have a link to a website for her electoral office.

If you want to say that the operator is failing to meet its performance target, you need counts of how many trains ran and how many time for a period over which performance is measured, which will be longer than a weekend.

The article seems to under-emphasise the flooding to which the delays (and presumably some cancellations) are attributed, which draws into question its impartiality. Yet, it doesn't suggest that the flooding mightn't be a valid explanation for the disruption. If the Liberal Party believed that this was not a good enough explanation, you'd expect them to make a clear rebuttal.
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Hi Speed,
  Can't help you with the exact "performance" measures for this period however if you want to dig deeper try....http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/news "Whats New"... then
....Transport Data News, Jany 2010
" The quarterly Transport Data Centre News provides information about TDC's projects, data releases and publications. "

  For a interesting read about RailCorp (CityRail) operations overall & "Reliabilty Indicators" 2008-09 the NSW Auditor General Volume Ten 2009...focusing on Transport, Planning and Industry.....Rail Corporation New South Wales....page ...78......http://www.audit.nsw.gov.au/publications...ntents.htm

Reliability Indicators
CityRail’s on-time running performance during the year exceeded the target of 92 per cent, with 95.4 per cent of peak services arriving at their destination on-time...........

Apart from the Northern line, all lines on the CityRail network met or exceeded the target of 92 per cent. While the Northern line only achieved 91.5 per cent on-time running, this was a significant improvement on the 2007-08 result of 85.7 per cent. All lines achieved higher on-time running percentages than the previous year. The on-time running by line over the last three years is shown in the table below.

Hope this helps  Confusedmirk
(14-Apr-2010, 05:23 PM)Speed link Wrote:draws into question its impartiality.
Impartiality in politics? Yeah right... :biggrin
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Any opinions expressed here are my own and not those of any group or organisation I am associated with.
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