Hunter and steamfest trip
I have just got back from a few days away in the Hunter Valley combining seeing family and train photography.
the following shots are the first batch of shots taken over the few days i was in the Hunter and include steamfest shots. trip shots can now be found at the following link

there will be more general shots and steam shots to follow.

Great shots Scott, You would have been alot busier with the camera down here compared to what you usually get up at Coffs Harbour.  :thumb

Cheers Adam
Second batch and this includes steam shots and General shots.

one more section to come.


indeed the camerahad a good work out. i still have a few more shots to sort out and post. and i have a couple of shots to post that my 10 year old nephew took.


Ok last batch of shots posted.

the following three shots were taken by my 10yo nephew they were his first attempts at rail photography, any comments or feedback on his work woudl be appreciated.

site is back up again.

[Image: img9773a.jpg]

[Image: img9837a.jpg]

[Image: img9872a.jpg]

Very good pictures by your nephew, Scott - in fact, excellent for a first attempt. Very good viewpoint, composition and choice of subject. Well done!!  :thumb
&quot;I thought your dog did not bite!!&quot;<br /><br />&quot;That's not my dog.&quot;

i will let him know, they are not bad for a quick crash course in the use of my camera.



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