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Hi all

I'm a relativly new trainee driver for Cityrail, just had my first drives on the rails, an S set and a Millenium, missed out on the Tangara due to trainer caling in sick. Never realised just how much you need to know to drive a train, but enjoying the process so far.
Well done Little Al, no matter the size of the train, it's always a great experience.

Couple of places to always been on your guard about is Engadine on the up, Loftus on the Up and Jannali on the up! They are a few I remember.

Hope the training goes well and all the best.
Thanks Dodgyvalve,  when I've ridden up the front from Sutherland the drivers have mentioned Jannelli on the up due to the grade making it harder to pull up, some others also mention Kogarah on the up as another place to watch for.

Its going to be a steep learning curve, but with study and "hard work" it will be worth it at the end
In the road knowledge stage now,  talk about information overload,  my brain hurts :biggrin
but it seems to sinking in,  4 days off to study before going back to finish sector 2 
Congratulations ol little Al... :thumb
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Little Al,

The Sydney system road knowledge seems daunting to learn it, but it's amazing how quickly you can pick up all those stations and remember them! Having a good trainer there also helps alot.

Wait till they have you driving and using the Westinghouse air brake, I've heard alot of trainee's get abit of a shock with it compared to the ECP brake.

Did you get issued a huge massive folder with the maps in it? These will be your best tool in road knowledge, I was fortunate enough to stumble across them many years ago and still use them, but am now looking for the one's upto Newcastle and other intercity area's.

i have those maps on my phone and they come in real handy in my job.
they no longer issue the paper version, at least not as the college can find, we may be issued with a cd version, when we had access to a college computer a while back we were able to copy a pdf version to nerd sticks, but it shows the old Cronulla system.

4 days in to it, I am suprised at how much has sunk in, our trainer gave us a 156 quesion quiz /study guide asking for turnout speeds, PONR's fixed reds, terminating stations and the associated moves etc. I've been able to complete around 75% of it, the rest of the questions are the for areas we will cover next week.
(13-May-2010, 08:31 AM)dodgyvalve link Wrote:Little Al,

Wait till they have you driving and using the Westinghouse air brake, I've heard alot of trainee's get abit of a shock with it compared to the ECP brake.
I was given a go with the millenium version on empty drives, didn't really notice a big difference, really only stopped once or twice in ECP and once in auto.  but I have been told the Silver sets take a lot of getting used to and you can easily run out air if your heavy handed.
Not just road knowledge, you need to have some basic mechanical and eletrical skill too, ....(follow by other stuff such as "SMS-OHS" , ethical code of conduct etc...)

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