Craigieburn incident

UPDATE 9.16PM: SEVERAL people have been injured after a freight train collided with a passenger train near Craigieburn, in Melbourne's north.

Police are on the scene.

It is believed a Metro train ran into the freight train on its approach to Craigieburn Station at 8.35pm.

Both trains were travelling in the same direction, Metro said.

All services in the area have been halted, and buses are running to Broadmeadows.
Unplanned disruption:
Line suspended - Craigieburn line: Outbound Broadmeadows-Craigieburn, due to a collision, buses will be replacing trains.

Line suspended - Craigieburn line: Citybound Craigieburn-Broadmeadows, due to a collision, buses will be replacing trains.
Trains collide near Craigeburn May 4, 2010 - 9:42PM

A passenger train and a goods train have collided near the approach to the northern Melbourne railway station of Craigieburn, ABC local radio reported, citing a Metro Trains Melbourne spokesman.

Three people have been transported to hospital, with at least one of those hurt suffering spinal injuries. Another 10 people are having their injuries assessed, ABC radio said, citing an ambulance spokeswoman.

Traffic on the line has been stopped in both directions, with passengers being diverted around the accident site to and from Broadmeadows station, the broadcaster said.

The incident happened at about 8.30 pm.
Oh, dear God. This is not good.

Trains are replaceable.

Five people have been taken to hospital after two trains collided near Craigiburn Railway Station in Melbourne's outer-north on Tuesday night.

A passenger train and a freight train, which were thought to be heading in the same direction, crashed about 8:40pm AEST a short distance from the station.

The injured include a 15-year-old girl.

Susanna Wilson, of Ambulance Victoria, says at least three people suffered serious injuries.

"There's also as you can imagine from something like this a number of what you could call walking woulded - another 10 or so people being assessed by advanced life support paramedics at the scene," she said.
Footage on Sky news, The front of the spark dosn't look the best and the rear of the freighter looks like some sort of ballast wagon. Hoping the driver of the spark and passengers are ok
thornesyau - the wagon carts crushed stone from a quarry in Kilmore East (north of Craigieburn) to two locations in Melbourne (Westall and Brooklyn) for use in concrete. Mentioned it on RB, but the Comeng (570M) was in a prang a few years back at Holmesglen, and was badly damaged then.

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[Image: 286495-metro-collision.jpg]

UPDATE 11.09PM: A METRO train slammed into the back of a stationary freight train at Craigieburn last night, injuring five.

Paramedics took five passengers to hospital, including three suffering serious injuries.

The smash happened about 8.35pm near Patulios Lane, about 3km south of Craigieburn station.

Three people were taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, including the Metro train driver, who was suffering head injuries.

A 15-year-old girl was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital with back pain and another passenger went to the Northern Hospital, Epping, with minor injuries.

A paramedic said the incident could have been a lot worse, if it had not been for the fact only 12 passengers were on the train.

“The driver was very lucky, when you have a look at the cabin,” the paramedic said.

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The Metro train cabin windows were smashed by the impact with the Pacific National vehicle.

Metro cancelled trains on the line from Broadmeadows, replacing services with buses.

Train services were unlikely to resume in time for Wednesday morning’s peak, Metro spokesman Chris Whitefield said.

The train involved in tonight’s collision was a 25-year-old Comeng model, not one of the troubled Siemens fleet that has had occasional “sliding” incidents - where the train fails to stop.

Public Transport Minister Martin Pakula and Metro chief executive Andrew Lezala inspected the aftermath of the collision.

The train operator and State Government authorities have launched separate investigations into the smash.

In a bizarre twist, the same train was also involved in a collision in 2000.

In that incident, the train was stationary, but was hit by another moving train at Holmesglen station.

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I'm perplexed by the attention that's being given to the presence of a fifteen year-old girl on the train. It's not surprising that a teenager was on a train at that hour.

If she were pregnant, it might be an issue because the injuries could be more severe and the unborn child would be threatened. No mention is made of her being pregnant.

If she had been surfing on the PN train when the collision occurred, that might have been notable.

If she'd been driving, that would have been notable. With the damage to the driver's cab shown in the photograph, who was present in the cab at the time of impact and their welfare seems far more critical.
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No word at work about any injuries to the driver, or the cause of the incident. I'm not interested in speculating as to what caused it either, the black box and those present will be able to work that out. From the look of the damage, seems pretty minor. The "face" of the train bubbles out (normally), so there is a bit of a gap between there and structural parts of the carriage. It certainly looks like the body is fairly straight still, so it may just be a case of looks worse than it is.
At the time I left today, there were still no trains past Broadmeadows, and adding to the problems, the overhead was down at Belgrave, so trains there were terminating at Upper Gully, this lead to drivers being out of position for the morning peak. Just another day really.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."

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