Collision with an excavator in NSW's central west,

This is the second accident in the last 24hrs involving a train.

A passenger train carrying more than 70 people has collided with an excavator in NSW's central west, an ambulance spokesman says.

One man in an excavator work team has been killed and 71 passengers and six crew were on board the train.

The crash occurred about 3km east of the Newbridge railway station just before midday local time today.

"It is unknown at this stage if the train has derailed or not," the Ambulance Service of NSW spokesman said.

The line is believed to be serviced by CountryLink.

A RailCorp spokesman could not provide any details of the crash.
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Bad news, excavators are a Protection officers nightmare, sometimes they infringe on the danger zone and sometimes they dont so you have to keep changing the levels of protection, maybe he was crossing the track, who knows?
A few pics of the site and the XPT:
Very sad circumstances for all involved.

When looking back at similar accidents of years gone by, this sounds very similar to the Singleton accident many years ago where 2 Infrastructure employee's were hit by a coal train.

Hopefully the train driver and others affect by this incident make a good and speedy recovery.
The preliminary ATSB report is out. Click HERE. 0.5Mb, *.PDF format.

Basically says the Network Controller issued a Track Occupancy Authority with the XPT in the section (as he's allowed to do, IIRC) but reading between the lines, didn't pass on this useful bit of information to his team, simply telling them that they had a TOA.

15 mins later, before protection is laid out, and with equipment on-track, the collision occurs.
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I would be more inclined to ask why a TOA was/can be issued to a PO when a train(WT27)was in the section. Wouldn't the train controller issue the TOA after the Driver of WT27 had report in clear at Newbridge or the PO had seen the back of WT27 pass by?
The only way a TOA can be issued for a fixed worksite while a train is in the section is for the PO to identify the lead engine of that train by its number(2008) after it has cleared the proposed worksite. The signaller should not have issued it without this information.

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