Zig Zag Railway General Manager
(25-May-2010, 04:31 PM)Petan Wrote:
(25-May-2010, 01:08 PM)LadyGuard link Wrote:Will he still volunteer?
That could be it as well; maybe he just wants to be a volunteer helping the train running without having to worry about administration? After all, he has certainly done his share of the administration work!

Without disclosing personal information. Michael is currently on sick leave and has been so for an extended period of time. The reasoning for this I can only presume being the reason for him opting to retire from his role as General Manager sooner then he probably would have hoped.
(Yes, I do know his reasons for illness but will not disclose such information on a public forum, though it is nothing life threatening or such similar things so do not worry! Confusedmiley)

Margaret (Fuller?) I believe it currently fulfilling the role of acting General Manager.

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