600 class reborn
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(16-Nov-2010, 09:00 PM)Coyote Wrote: Off topic, but where does the line too the very right of the photo go?

That's the engine dive, runs right under Redfern Station through to South Eveleigh. Not used as much these days, but saw a lot of action in the days of steam. Have read stories of loco crew being a little worse for wear after a bad run through the dive bringing down loads of soot into their engine
Thanks for the information, it is a tunnel not a cut and cover? Idea being it could be used to by pass Redfern Station or run around trains?

Definitely a tunnel. Single track, just under 300 metres long. Mainly used as one of the many ways that a train can proceed from Eveleigh to Central. Never been through the dive, but I understand that it is not the easiest of gradients out there, especially for a steamer running tender first coming out of Eveleigh
Thank you for the information. Confusedmiley

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