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Most gunzels would know that Lachlan Valley Railway Societys steam loco 5917 has been out of service for quite some time (I have no idea whats wrong with it, does anyone know?). It's a shame ( I love that 59 class :'(.

Does anyone know if it will be returned to working order? Apparantly a couple of people were working on it at the Evileigh large erecting shop.
The Steam Locomotive- Mans greatest invention!
Couple of points:
It's EVELEIGH where 5917 is at the moemnt, still at the Large erecting shop. She's having major work done on her boiler at the moment. I'm led to believe there's a few other issues as well. You probably won't see her running again this year.
Secondly, 5917 is owned by the 5917 Syndicate, she's not really LVR's loco. LVR and 5917 Syndicate work quite closely with each other, bu they aren't the same thing. 5917 Syndicate has a tour running over the mountains in November (under LVR accreditation) at this stage, presumably a fundraiser for work on the loco
Theres an update on 5917 in an LVR newsletter (or something like that) on their website. Heres the link- http://www.lvr.com.au/docs/Loco%20News%202010-11-12.pdf
The Steam Locomotive- Mans greatest invention!
:train Here's some golden oldies for yez:

[Image: th_ARR5917acbc.jpg]

[Image: th_F5917acbaecc.jpg]

[Image: th_LH5917acbaecc.jpg]

[Image: th_LRH5917acbaecc.jpg]

[Image: th_R5917acbaecc.jpg]

[Image: th_URH5917acbaecc.jpg]

Enjoy! :train
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