Great News (3085).
(10-Oct-2010, 09:59 AM)3801Fan Wrote: If you look in the index for NSW & ACT on this forum you will see the article that I posted (from the maitland mecury about 1042 being restored to operation for steamfest 2011 or 2012.

Are you a complete numpty kid? Did you care to read the reply made to your post about 1042 with a not so positive article about 1042?
Seriously kid, we're getting sick of you not posting things correctly and not reading things or thinking about things before you post. Read the article closely and it never says 1042 to be in steam for 2011, it says it will be moved into a new building for 2011 steamfest-big difference. It takes months, even years of work to restore a loco to steam-whether that be 3085 or 1042 for the purpose of this, given neither loco has run for a long, long time!
On the subject of 3085, have had a look around on the web and have found photos of it from March 2003 and she is NOT is good shape, lot of the cladding removed etc. I wouldn't be surprised if parts had been removed from her when 3137 was running to keep her going. It would take an awful lot of work to get her running again. I imagine, given teh posts already made by other users who seem to know a bit about 1042 that she's in similar kind of conidition
Enough's enough kid, stop posting garbage on here without reading things properly thinking about what you are posting-nobody wants to read garbage that isn't true, it's just a waste of time otherwise
3801Fan, it might be wise if you were to curb your enthusiasm or perhaps not let your enthusiasm blind you to facts or harsh real world realities, which is a simple translation of stephen88's summary of the 'information' you have posted.

We used to keep a tight reign on membership here, so that there could be a refuge from some of the 'kiddy foamer' posts that seem to proliferate other sites. While the membership rules have been relaxed, the posting and behavioural rules have not. By all means, read, ask questions, and contribute factual information but at all costs, avoid posting speculative rubbish that tend to upset the more informed members here.
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I am very sorry if I have anoyed, upset or angered anyone who has read my posts. I do admit I commonly get overly excited about things.

I will keep the "might be restored" news to my self in future.

Kind Regrads.
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Hi,Re 3085,its a miracle it was never cutup at enfeild in the 1st place,it was only taken by the RTM as a source of parts and was never intended for display or traffic,I dont think it ever help supplement parts for 3137 as I recall
I was very involved in RTM when they first got up and running and I think 3137 was untraffic-able not long after i gave up on RTM
But I do recall 3085 in days when it could steam and it wasn't a bad loco,it was used on a few tour's around the suburban with another S class,ive lost the photos I took at the time though,sorry!
(09-Oct-2010, 10:32 PM)jumboman44211 Wrote: 1042 will go into the "boys club" shed, never to be seen again

Ummm....the "boys club?".


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