Victorian Election 2010
After the overhead failure in late July,
Quote:Greens MP Greg Barber said the key issue was not spending on infrastructure. ''The root cause of this problem is rail privatisation,'' Rather than spending more on infrastructure, the Greens are wanting to remove bureaucrats and those with visions for future public transport.

Tony Abbott might be known for his "aren't enough people wanting to go from a particular place to a particular destination at a particular time to justify any vehicle larger than a car" quotation and the Baillieu government is bringing few ideas to the election. However, the Greens are not a party that I'd want steering transport policy.
Another item
Balaclava station will redeveloped and made premium. I don't believe that this station was listed in this year's budget for an upgrade to premium.

Quote:Public Transport Minister Martin Pakula said the upgrade would also provide better passenger amenities with an increase in shelter coverage. “Balaclava is a very popular station with residents of St Kilda, Elwood and St Kilda East and it’s crucial that the station’s infrastructure keeps up with growing patronage,” Mr Pakula said. “The rebuilt Balaclava station will fully comply with Disability Discrimination Act legislation ensuring that all local residents and passengers have access to Sandringham line services.”
“The rebuilt station will eliminate the unsightly access ramps and provide a great boost to the streetscape on Carlisle Street,” Tony Lupton said.

Judging from the render, the "unsightly ramps" are replaced by covered enclosed ones.
Given the state of Balaclava station, I would say it has been up for renewal for a year or so. Why not instead of just doing the necessary work call it an election promise.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Actually Mernda is 2 stations away from South Morang, the new South Morang is close to what used to be Mill Park station rather than where South Morang used to be. So if you go to Mernda, you will past the site of the former South Morang station before reaching Mernda, makes it two stations
All sides gotta be careful...

ALP has a Victoria transport plan, they really can't keep doing "me too" thing with Lib. But, Baillieu is facing a very very tough ALP team, or should I say the only ALP team that is working in this country! if I still live in Vic I'd vote for them too!
Thanks for the clarification on the stations there SG, I plain forgot about Mill Park. You are right though, the government seems to think that if the train stops all the way to the buffers, having the coupler be in South Morang means the whole train is. Got to love their way of thinking.

As for how the election is going to go, if people thought the Federal result was frustrating, wait until they see what happens in Victoria.

[Insert opinion piece]

The Liberals seem to be sitting back and really doing nothing much. It's like they are assuming they will get in because:
a) Labor have been in power for over a decade now, so it's the Libs turn now.
b) With a federal Labor, people seem to think having Liberal states means a better outcome and a way to keep the Feds in check.
c) Labor have made such a mess of it all (Myki being one of the biggest disasters), that people will vote against them in droves.

Labor on the other hand have politically timed things so projects are being done at election time. Sure there are a lot of broken promises, but the state is actually running fairly well. There is no huge debt, and the state isn't really going down hill in the business world either. The other card Labor has to play with is no one has any idea just who the Liberals are. Apart from Ted Bailliue, no other Liberal is really seen or heard. The last time the Libs tried this strategy was when Jeff Kennett was shown the door with a huge boot mark on his arse. There is still three weeks to go in the election, so who knows what is still to happen.

Then there are the Greens, who are really gaining momentum, as people are pissed off at the two major parties, and the Greens are doing a very good job of getting lots of policies out there for the public to see. It's not a matter of if they are good or bad policy, just they are getting them out there. The Greens are expected to pick up a few Labor held seats, but I think they will be doing a bit better than that. From all accounts, if the Greens hold the balance, they will want the Transport portfolio as part of the deal, which will see massive changes in the way public transport is run in this state.

The current make up of the parliament is:
Australian Labor Party 55
Liberal Party 23
National Party 9
Independent 1

I can see that looking more like 35 seats to Lab/Lib and the Greens/Ind holding the other 18 seats.
"How long will the next train be? Six cars would be my guess."
Quote:Opposition leader Ted Baillieu said the money would be spent planning the new rail line within the first two years of a coalition government.

The line would link Doncaster with the city, via Clifton Hill, with consideration of a further link to Ringwood, in the outer east.

I'd like to say, things ain't perfect in Victoria but certainly soooooo much better than NSW.

Victorian ALP=Do fair bit, not enough to make alot of difference but at least they did fair bit
Victorian Lib=Because Victorian ALP did fair bit, they have no choice but try their best to do better.

NSW ALP=do nothing and waste alot of money on do nothing(ie waste 30m on metro then cancelled it which will cost 400m for compensation.

NSW Liberal= they also do nothing , no policy because they know they will win anyway even if they do nothing and spend nothing on advertisment.
(31-Oct-2010, 08:09 AM)Chicken Fish Wrote: There is no huge debt, and the state isn't really going down hill in the business world either.

Hi CF,
Lucky you. But I wouldn't vote for O' Farrell (NSW Opposition leader) at all. I think Queensland's in more trouble then both Victoria and NSW together or so I've heard.


Hi Chicken Fish/all
I've also read on Vicrail news that Mulder will kill:o:idiot Melbourne's trams!!!! This was posted by Paul Nicholson.

Ps. What's up with RailSA?

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