New Zealand electrification
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I've got a query. Will KiwiRail use overhead wiring or the 3rd rail design (i.e. The Tube?) Also, where will they get rollingstock? Local firms, as planned by the previous Government?
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(14-Nov-2010, 04:05 PM)4001firstdiesel Wrote: 3rd rail design (i.e. The Tube?)

I assume by "The Tube" you mean the "London Underground"? It uses a four-rail system:

WikiPedia Wrote:The Underground is one of the few networks in the world that uses a four-rail system. The additional rail carries the electrical return that on third-rail and overhead networks is provided by the running rails.

I have no idea what NZ are doing...
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I don't think you'll see any third rail in New Zealand - 25000v AC overhead is already in place on the main trunk line between Hamilton and Palmerston North (since 1989) - as far as I know this will be used for Auckland as well. A 3000v DC system has been used in Wellington for several decades - and new suburban sets are currently being delivered from South Korea for the older system. New cars for Auckland haven't been ordered yet, there's several consortium's tendering, including EDI Downer (Maryborough).
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Wellington uses 1500V DC.

You won't see much $ goes into NZ rail, current government is very anti-rail, the opposition party isn't any better. The only pro-rail party is Greens, but their Green party isn't as popular as ours.
25kVAC via O/H is benchmark electrification technology and hence the most common used on greenfield projects. 3rd rail and other lower voltage are generally only used for brownfield expansions or when an O/H is not able to be used for what ever reason such as visual. ie the new Dubai Metro.


Trains in Auckland area will be powered by 25 kV AC from overhead lines.

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