Minor collision at Yass Junction this morning
The ATSB are certainly on the ball with their website updates: http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/inve...0-013.aspx

Quote:At about 0150 EDT on 9 December 2010 grain train 3234 collided at low speed with the rear of grain train 8922 at Yass Junction NSW (at about the 318 km point on the Defined Interstate Rail Network between Sydney and Melbourne). Initial information indicates that no person was injured and that train 3234 sustained only minor damage, train 8922 was not damaged. Both grain trains had been temporarily routed onto the Down main line to allow intermodal train 4MB2 to pass on the Up main line.

A collision between two trains on the DIRN is considered a serious failure of rail system safety so the ATSB has initiated an investigation.
This'll be interesting. Some of our members familiar with that area have been predicting this for some time. Lucky it's only minor.
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