Savannahlander Visits Tully.
(20-Dec-2010, 08:56 AM)PNR5004 Wrote:
(20-Dec-2010, 05:59 AM)trainsextreme Wrote:
(19-Dec-2010, 10:45 PM)Graham4405 Wrote: Just wondering about all the people on the rail corridor at Waugh, I assume they were on the train?
No, just interested locals that just happen to be passing by that were apparently stunned by the sight of a train, that was what they had when they grew up.
"Imagine son, this train had open windows, fresh air, it was fun to ride, and there were things called stations, where people, parcels and other freight was off loaded, and most enjoyed their trip. Stations had people working, and the head bloke was called a "Station Master", back then the term really did mean something. This was before we were all forced into cars, and then the government, once we were all in cars, used the roads as an excuse to make more tax, because we don't pay enough, you will find this out when you work one day. You will see son, strange vehicles parked here and there, and then you will recieve your tax bill in the mail a few weeks later. That's why you have to drive so slow everywhere,otherwise if you drive at a normal speed,you pay more tax. If the tax was going to giving us our trains back, so we did not have to drive, it would be good. But then the government would start to run out of tax, so there would be a problem. Do you understand that son, because I don't. But then, son, when you get old, cars are killing the world, and destroying the enviroment, so you may not have to worry about cars, trains, tax or anything, because we will all be killing each other for food, because our giant duopoly food suppliers, have gone too, and most of us have lost the ability to grow our own anymore, because we all depend on what is called supermarkets for our existence. There the food is stored for many a year, devoid of freshness, vitamins, and quality, but full of something called chemicals, to make it look healthy. Its not so bad son, because your body will last 1000 years in the ground, so future scientists can study our culture, and how it died away. That is assuming there is any scientists, son, or people for that matter. After all, son, you will learn the main thing about being human, is continually inventing ways to kill each other in ever increasing numbers, and far more effectively than before. Its just part of our nature, and has allways been there, and until we do the job properly, or nature does it for us, will allways be. But, that's another bedtime story for future day.
However son, returning to the topic at hand, because we sold our country and land to overseas nations, we will be unable to touch our own food in the future when everything fails, so we will get shot if we go near where the food is. After all, those countries who now own us, have to protect their investments, and feed their own starving people, at a profit of course. Sigh, son, all that from simply seeing a train".
I'm sure that's what they were talking about, while watching the railmotors.

You know Colomnelw it ahas taken 6 tanduay but it make to much senses now

Graham, I was wondering the same thing..........they would have had a Rail Corridor Induction SW62 given to them with high vis clothing lol

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Let's hope Savannahlander do go south, capturen abit of North Coast business, so many backpackers, travellers travelling between Whitsundays and Cairns, but so little on rail
(19-Dec-2010, 10:45 PM)Graham4405 Wrote: Just wondering about all the people on the rail corridor at Waugh, I assume they were on the train?

After looking at the people mostly facing the bush away from the train, my first thoughts were "pee" stop.

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