Runaway train
A RUNAWAY train narrowly missed motorists when it careered along a disused rail line today.

The train smashed onto a busy main road in southern New South Wales, The Weekly Times reports.

About seven rail wagons, believed to be carrying wheat, tore along the line which had been closed for at least 25 years at Narrandera.

The carriages smashed down an embankment onto the main Leeton-Narrandera Road where a rail viaduct had been removed about five years ago.

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There must be more to this story, I suspect they are empty stored wagons that have had their brakes released !!!
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Pardon my ignorance, but is that (where the photo is) near the Mobil there at Nerandera south, on the old line to Jeriliderie?
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Apparently a bit of the old line is used for storing wagons. According the thread on the page, a bunch of wagons were shunted in to the occupied 'siding' and the resulting hit up sent the stored wagons on their merry way.

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