GLADYS the clean-up engine
The following item appeared in the OPINION pages of yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald

Quote:GLADYS The Clean-up Engine

Gladys was new. She had only been on Sodor a few days when Fat O'Controller told her to go and clean out the great engine shed.

"All the naughty engines - Bob, Morris, Nathan, and Kristina - have been partying in there for years. It's probably a pigsty." he said. "I'm scarred to go in. Now, your'e a good strong engine, Gladys. I want you to do your best."

So Gladys got her steam up and charged into the old shed. It was very dark inside and she couldn't see the way ahead, as she rolled to a stop. As she did, the big shed doors creaked slowly and slammed shut behind her. There was a hiss of escaping gas as signals turned red - then went out entirely. Gladys had never seen that happen before.

"Hullo?" called Gladys. "Anybody home?"

But nobody answered. Ooh it was spooky in there. It smelt of neglect and decay. All she could hear was the slow drip of water somewhere, and the sighing of the wind through broken windows. In the enveloping gloom, powerful machines much bigger than Gladys were rotting slowly on rusted rails. What was she to do?

"Hullo Gladys." said a deep voice somewhere close.
"Welcome to your worst nightmare."
It took a team of professionals to build the Titanic and a lone amateur to build the Ark

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