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First Fleet

In 1937 the NSW Department of Railways introduced six rail buses to its fleet as an economical form of passenger transport on small branch lines. The concept derived from passenger rail motors, introduced in 1919, which used a traditional timber railway carriage mounted on a converted road truck chassis and drive train. Rail buses took the concept one step further and adapted road vehicle styling, coach building and technology for rail use.

Built by the coach building firm, Waddington Pty Ltd at Camperdown to a design supplied by the Road Motor Branch of the Department of Railways, rail buses were small steel-framed 4-wheeled vehicles, accommodating up to 18 passengers and capable of speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour (80 km per hour). They had a truck chassis and were powered by a Ford V8 side-valve petrol engine with a 4-speed truck-style gear box and two 30 gallon fuel tanks. With their streamlined, rivetted steel body panels, two-tone enamel paint scheme, sliding windows, single entry door, bus-style seats, coach-lining and chrome trim, they resembled Art Deco styled road buses which operated during the 1930s.

The first fleet of rail buses was based at Cowra and Harden, providing twice daily services between Cowra and Grenfell, and Harden to Young, Galong and Boorowa. Within a year of their introduction they were withdrawn having failed to attract sufficient passenger numbers to make the services viable.

Rail Bus to Pay Bus

By June 1939, five of the rail buses had been relaunched as mobile pay cars, while the sixth remained a rail bus until some time later. This first generation of Pay Buses remained in operation until they were retired from service in 1968.

Only one of the original fleet - FP1, the first Pay Bus, survives today.
First Fleet FP1
Rail bus 1937 -1938, Pay Bus 1938-1968
FP1 entered service 7 July 1937 as a rail bus, but was modified the following year as the first Pay Bus. The original colour scheme was green with distinctive sweeping curves in cream over the wheel arches and a cream flash under the window. It featured twin headlights, round marker lights, a plain roof without air horns.

Entry to the car was via a centrally located sliding door and the driver sat on the right hand side near the engine. The sole survivor of the first fleet, FP1, was relocated to the Rail Heritage Centre at Thirlmere in 1969. In 2007 it was moved to the Annexe at Eveleigh Workshops in preparation for restoration.'

Extract from NSW Rail Heritage

The images in the StoryBoard below were taken whilst the Art-Deco Stylish Pay Bus FP1 was on display as part of 'Cash On Track', a Travelling Exhibition at the (Ipswich) Workshops Rail Museum (Queensland Museum) 01 June 2010 - 10 December 2010.

'The Cash on Track display charts the history of the railway Pay Buses which operated across New South Wales from 1937 until the mid 1980s, moving cash along rail lines to pay employees at stations and maintenance gangs working on the tracks.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the very first, and only surviving rail bus - FP1, which has been beautifully restored to its original condition by a team of 16 RailCorp apprentices. The Cash on Track exhibition was developed by The Office of Rail Heritage, RailCorp and the Australian Railway Historical Society, NSW Division.'

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[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
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