Locomotive 3801
Can anyone please tell me what is happening with 3801 I have heard that progress has stopped can anyone please confirm that or tell me what is happening with her as I am a massive fan of the loco and would love to see her in opperational condition.

Thanks Hugh1620
As far as I am aware, 3801 is happily working in the Blackwater System. Confusedmiley
I would say he is refering to the kettle not the toaster. Wink
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I mean The steam Locomotive #3801of the C38 Class

There is an agreement between RailCorp and DB to ship the boiler back to Meiningen, Germany, for rectification of the defects identified during the conference in Sydney. The final details of this scope of works are currently being finalised between the parties, but will largely consist of:

Replacement of the defective boiler barrel with one of true conical form.
Re-attachment of the front tubeplate accurately to allow correct interface of the
boiler to the smokebox.
Rectification of welding to firebox rigid wall stays.
Boiler flues and tubes to be expanded into firebox tube plate before seal-welding.

DB has indicated approximately a twenty-week programme of works, exclusive of return-shipping between Australia and Germany. The boiler is expected to leave Chullora in August 2011 and be returned mid-year 2012. The independent boiler expert involved in the assessment of the boiler problems will also represent RailCorp’s interests in Meiningen, at critical stages of the rectification.
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Sounds like there is quite a lot of work to be done. :o I hope it's a warranty job!
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(11-Aug-2011, 12:35 PM)Graham4405 Wrote: Sounds like there is quite a lot of work to be done. :o I hope it's a warranty job!
My question would be who was overseeing the initial works.......what a stuff up!

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