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My first recallable suburban diesel hauled train trip was behind her, from Central to Pinkenba and return. Smile I recall it most vividly Smile
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(21-Feb-2012, 05:20 PM)Rolls Royce Wrote: It was once widely rumoured that it was being prepared for full operational status again, for heritage duties in the event of steam fire bans, or lack of steam qualified crews, and as a support loco for steam tours. If I recall correctly, these rumours started to emerge when 1620 was beginning its revival.

Ummm......Interesting...Maybe QR150 might have something in the plans.
Real trains have Guards Vans
If QR acquire their rumoured tranche of Clydes from Aurizon they'll have to put some sort of maintenance/heavy repairs contract in place with someone (EDI or Aurizon I imagine)...might be room in that contract for the heritage locos too? Can only hope.
Nickel Plate High Speed Service
QR Lmtd. will need something to haul their remaining mail and work trains.....gunzels won't have to chase far and wide to see old girls back hauling again. 😦
Home on the range.....
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Coupled-Up, Ipswich Workshops
07.34 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013
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Report and picture on Frank's signal facebook group that 1461 was towed by a blue diesel past Redbank RK 74 signal on the mainline this morning.
Obsolete Australian railway historical downloadable document list
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20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
07.49 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013

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20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
07.51 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013

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20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
07.53 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013

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20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
07.53 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013

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20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
07.56 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013
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Starting-Up 1620
20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
08.13 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013

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Being Pushed Out Into The Morning Sunlight
20 Road, Ipswich Workshops
08.13 AM, Thu 7 Nov 2013
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