Downloadable Victorian and NSW carriage data Standard gauge
Those wanting extensive high quality priceless Victorian and NSW carriage data including non air conditioned cars, could visit the URL below and download the "extras" PDF from the April ARH from ARHS nsw. That edition was material on the 50th Anniversay Of The Southern Aurora The link below also has links to more online history such as the "Fish" which operated Sydney / Blue Mountains.

The April "extras" list is as follows;
Appendix A: The Standard Gauge W Type Cars [Victorian cars]
Appendix B: Examples of Relief Train Consists [on the standard gauge to Melbourne]
Appendix C: The decline of the non-air-conditioned sleeping car in NSW
Appendix D: A brief description of the type of carriages used on relief trains [on the standard gauge to Melbourne and covers most of the NSW types]

Appendix D covers NSW and VIC cars, both wooden and steel eg TAM; 12-wheel, wooden-bodied sleeping car that accommodated 20 passengers (two per compartment). A total of 47 TAM cars were built in batches between 1913 and 1937 by the Carriage and Wagon Works at Eveleigh (24 cars), Meadowbank Manufacturing (16 cars) and Ritchie Brothers (seven cars). A further four CAM class cars were converted to TAM class cars by Ritchie Brothers in 1936 (two cars) and 1938 (two cars). 22.10m 50t.

Peter Cokley
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