Ipswich Workshops...Testing...Overhauling...Photo StoryBoard
Some Updates on the various 'Works in Progress' on the Workshops Floor at Queensland Rail Heritage Ipswich Workshops...

Current Projects, and their positioning in the Current List of Priorities...

1. BB18 1/4 Class Steam Locomotive #1079
2. BB18 1/4 Class Steam Locomotive #1089
3. A10 Class Steam Locomotive #6
4. AC16 Class Steam Locomotive #221A

(All of the above Projects are commitments to Queensland/Queensland Rail
Anniversary Celebrations 2014/2015)

5. 1900 Class Rail Motor 1901
6. 2000 Class Rail Motor (Centre Unit)
7. DH Class Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive 02
8. DD17 Class Tank Locomotive 1051

(Note Have all 'Slipped Down the Batting Order', and these numberings do not necessarily represent the order that completed projects will emerge through the Workshop Doors)

Some Images of the Progress being made on the various Projects to Follow, if you are interested.
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
1. BB18 1/4 Class Steam Locomotive #1079

Major Works...
Locomotive Up on Jacks
Boiler Re-Tubing (High Quality Boiler Tubing Stock has Arrived from Japan,
Tubes Currently Being Swaged)
Wheels Dropped, Sent away for Machining (Now Returned), plus Magnetic Crack Testing

[Image: i-j6Hr57z-X2.jpg]

[Image: i-3VBGcDd-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-GBs4JH6-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-J4JTp3W-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-jBfRK4d-X2.jpg]
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]

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