What is this van?

I have a "what is it question" as I am wanting to do a 1/6 of this break van but cant see the number or class, shot is off the shuttle runs with the PB15 and A10 at Kuranda in 1991. Van was also sighted on a vid of the Brisbane valley line


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Looks like BLV44 which was part of the Vintage Train consist. Not sure what happened to it but it may still be around Ipswich Works/Museum somewhere.

I may be able to send more details when I get home in a week or so.
Im with A10 here - I recall when Mary Valley had the AC16 loco on loan for a while, a van very similar to this accompanied it to MVHR, but never (that I know of) ran with it on the branch (sadly, as it was beautifully and recently restored at the time). Thats if it is the same van in question. I do know it was one I hadnt seen before - wasnt one of the usual ARHS tour suspects Wink
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Does BLV = Branch Line Van....
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BLV 44 is in storage as part of the local QR Heritage collection in Rockhampton. She is sitting in number 2 container road I think it is.
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(13-Oct-2013, 07:32 PM)No Name Recorded Wrote: Does BLV = Branch Line Van....

You've got the "V" right.Confusedmiley
But "B" means that it's Second Class (First Class would be "A"), and the "L" stands for "Lavatory. "
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Cheers van 44 it seems to be, any chance of some clearer pic's or directions to some diagrams would be much welcomed.

(also van that went with AC16 was a larger CLV with a veranda each end where as it appears 44 only has 1 - though I may be wrong).
BLV 44 was originally a CLV van but was modified in her later years to a BLC configuration.
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