Light Engine (and Gin) to Warwick...Photo StoryBoard
Stephen Shepherd/FB 'Railways of Queensland'/Monday 13 Jan 2014

'For those who don't already know, on Sat Nov 30 2013, C17 971 sheared a crank pin on the fireman's side of the engine as it was rounding the curve on the approach to the Bald Mountain wooden road bridge, bending a couple of rods in the process. Passengers were safely offloaded and put onto buses for the short journey to Wallangarra for lunch and thence back to Stanthorpe and Warwick.

Diesel 2500 and a cover wagon were dispatched from Willowburn early the next morning and returned the stricken train back to Warwick.

In the last day or two, word was received that SDSR have been successful in hiring C17 974 so that passenger services can recommence.
Keep an eye out on Wed for a light steam locomotive movement, 1 C17 and WSE water gin.

Although the SDSR website has not been updated the AUstralia Day run to Wallangarra is now on sale.

Get your bookings in, how long has it been since 974 was seen on the Southern Line? Must be nearing 15 or 20 years now?'



RE30 (E30H) Arrive Depart

Ipswich Workshops 0945

Ipswich (0955)

Thagoona 1014 1016 Weed Spray Truck On

Rosewood (1022)

Grandchester 1036 1046

Yarongmulu (1104)

Laidley (1111)

Helidon 1143 1148 Crossing

Lockyer 1205 1225

Murphy's Creek 1246 1307 Crossing

Holmes (1330)

Spring Bluff (1347)

Rangeview (1409)

Toowoomba Passenger 1423 1505 Weed Spray Truck Off

Harristown (1523)

Wyreema (1539)

Cambooya (1549)

Greenmount (1603)

Nobby (1614)

Clifton (1624)

Hendon (1645)

Toolburra (1703)

Warwick 1720
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
Queensland Rail Heritage Workshops Fitters Handing Over C17 Class Locomotive 974 and Water Gin WSE 31352 to the Southern Downs Steam Railway Crew. The SDSR 3 Man Route Competent Crew (including the Welcome Return of Steam Stalwart, Retired Toowoomba-based Driver Bill Boden) were accompanied by a QR Pilot only for the short leg to the Turntable at Ipswich Yard, where the Loco was turned, and then to Thomas Street, where the Pilot Stepped Off the 'Brown Bomber'.

[Image: i-twJKSzT-XL.jpg]
Ipswich Workshops Yard
09.16AM, Wednesday 15 January 2013
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
[Image: i-SwCRMsS-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-gtP6fPZ-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-zpNWffw-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-7cqPFdQ-XL.jpg]
Departing the Yard,
Ipswich Workshops Yard
09.30AM, Wednesday 15 January 2013
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
[Image: i-dCmhNrr-XL.jpg]
Lockyer Siding,
12.32PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013

[Image: i-9bkp2Bp-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-2pV2jvK-XL.jpg]
Cross With 2350D/2309D and Loaded Coal Train Bound For the Port of Brisbane,
Lockyer Siding,
12.35PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
[Image: i-tQfmPHj-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-2nV5GDN-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-XSk3SV5-XL.jpg]
Straight on Through Murphys Creek, and Ahead of the 'Table Now
12.35PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
[Image: i-f5nW68B-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-nHgSKF8-XL.jpg]
2 Minute Pause at Spring Bluff,and Some 20 Minutes Ahead of the 'Table Now
13.26PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
2366D/2314D and Loaded Coal Train ex West Moreton, Bound for the Port of Brisbane, Idling Near Willowburn, Waiting for the LE Movement to Draw Into Toowoomba Station.

[Image: i-dJVgCpf-XL.jpg]
13.46PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013

[Image: i-d9tjvNd-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-x4rsjns-XL.jpg]
Toowoomba Platform 1, Still 23 Minutes Ahead of the 'Table
14.00PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013

[Image: i-Nh5VxR4-XL.jpg]
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
Lovely stuff once more, Lindsay! It appears that 974 could use a bit of a spruce up. Paintwork appears to be a bit dull, rust marks on smokebox...
Graham R - Dalby Qld
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[Image: i-ghnJ2HP-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-MVb9k9w-L.jpg]

[Image: i-gMcqKC3-XL.jpg]

[Image: i-9Gs9Q4W-XL.jpg]
Toowoomba Platform 1, Departing 16 Minutes Ahead of the 'Table
14.01-14.49PM, Wednesday 15 January 2013
[Image: F111RAAFweb2A.jpg]
(20-Jan-2014, 05:48 PM)Graham4405 Wrote: Lovely stuff once more, Lindsay!
Thank-you, Dodger

(20-Jan-2014, 05:48 PM)Graham4405 Wrote: It appears that 974 could use a bit of a spruce up. Paintwork appears to be a bit dull, rust marks on smokebox...
Thats Patina in My Book, Dodger...Part of Being a Working Locomotive...
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