Boyne Valley Railway Preservation Group
(cross post from Qrig with reference to part of the Monto Branch from someone called Brian)

"For those of you that might be interested, QR is seriously looking at
pulling up this branch line, we have formed a group called Boyne Valley Railway Preservation Group, in an effort to keep this line open, it is a fairly unique line in having 6 tunnels between Many Peaks and Kalpower, it would be a real shame to see this line go, for anyone interested in joining our group to try and save this line membership is $5, I will get a copy of the membership form and post it online in the files section of this group, we have to put a stop to this continual removal of our railway heritage."

Mick, ATRQ might have a potential new member?
They've been in contact re funding for a Savannahlander style service (i e how do they get any of that action). Seriously, this in my opinion is an awesome candidate for a rail trail

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