Northern Exposures - New NSW Photo Book
I spent my youth in the late 1960s and early 1970s riding trains, and photographing them in NSW, with emphasis on the Short North. Two years ago, many of us reunited on a Newcastle Flyer trip with 3642. We decided to put together a collaborative effort with stories and full colour photos form those days. The result is "Northern Exposures", destined to be a collectors items and a must have for Australian Rail Enthusiasts. Due out in August, 2014 you can preregister and find out more about the project at
This features many of the finest railway photographers in Australia, with world wide reputations for quality.
[Image: a3oV9Q-gm]
I see you wrote a chapter called Timing the Flyers so I assume you used material from “A short history of the Newcastle Flyers”, Calf, H. R., November 1969 ARHS Bulletin. The introduction of the half minute passing times into the system’s timetables may be traced to the 1937 timetable for the Newcastle Express, according to that article.
Obsolete Australian railway historical downloadable document list
Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the historical input. My article is about my personal experiences timing some 60 runs of the flyers in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The book has many great colour photos never before printed too. The whole book is about those last days of steam when we all used to meet at various places to have fun and record the passing parade of steam trains.
I posted a story about a trip to Hawkmount back in steam days. It incorporates much of what we did back in those days.
There seem to some issue with this site. I tried to access it several times without success. FYI we have already sold half of the "Northern Exposures" books which were delivered last week.

John Gaydon
Just to let you know, we are down to the last few copies of Northern Exposures. Sales have been great and we really didn't get enough printed. The warehouse guy is very pleased, as his garage is now empty. Very different from those who have sheds full of old books they simply couldn't sell.

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