The Chinese rollingstock thread
Ok, I am in the mood to talk all of the points in respect to Chinese built railway rolling stock as they are operating in Australia.

Can anyone provide a complete fleet list(s)?

** What are recent sightings

** Locomotives and wagons

** Only those operating in Australia

** Only those built in China
That's going to be a big list. Chinese built grain hoppers first arrived in Australia in 1997 and since then Chinese built rollingstock has replaced almost all Australian domestic production. In the last few years nearly every new wagon put into service in Australia has come from China and the totals for Chinese built rollingstock in Australia probably number well past five thousand, perhaps even closer to six or seven thousand.

Locomotive wise, the Chinese built list is a lot shorter. Deliveries so far have all been from the one company - CSR - in two different models. The SDA1 type has been bought by SCT (10 - CSR class), Bradken Australia (2 - BK class) and Qube (still under construction, 6). The narrow gauge SDA2 type has been purchased only by PN so far (5 - 88 class). At the moment, only the SCT CSR class are in active use, the BKs have barely turned a wheel and the 88 class are undergoing a very long commissioning process.
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What can you tell me about container flat cars?

Where in China are these made, and how many are now operating in Australia?
PN in QLD bought around 210 ROAF ore cars from CSR for the Mt Isa line mineral traffic that they took on in mid 2011. The ROAFs were fully manufactured and assembled in China, and delivered direct to Townsville by ship. They were road transported to the PN depot at Stuart, where they were then placed on track.

The articulated 3 pack wagons (the initial ones bought when PNQ started) were assembled by Bradken at Ipswich, but I *think* many of the components were Chinese.

Additional RNAY or RNCY wagons were built by CSR and delivered to boost the container flat fleet in 2011 also. I think there were an additional 5 or 10 wagons, cannot recall.
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Oh, and CSR's wagon plant was at Zhouzou in China, quite inland.
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