Hunter Valley Steamfest 2016
Hi all, on Saturday 9th April, I went up to Maitland for the Steamfest, here are a small selection of photos I have, didn't take as many as I wanted this time round
Steam Loco 3642 arrives into Maitland's number three Platform, this will form a shuttle to Newcastle
Diesel Loco 4001 is providing assistance on the train
Patterson Railmotors 621/721 come into Maitland, with a round trip from Saxonvale Junction, which is on a Coal Branch, not far from Singleton
More Patterson Railmotors in the form of CPH7 and 1, stand at Maitland's number 2 Platform, awaiting to form another shuttle to Patterson
Steamer 3016 from Canberra, comes into Port Waratah, with an afternoon shuttle trip
And to top it all off, 3642 sits at the Dead End siding at Maitland, taking on Water, after a busy day of action

Kind Regards

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