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On the 11th of December 2015 Bananacoast Railway Rails of the Coffs Coast was launched at the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum. The Book was written to help mark a Century of rail action in the Coffs Harbour Area and to mark a century of service of the Raleigh to Coffs Harbour section of the NSW North Coast Line. The book has a variety of historic images in both colour and black and white.

The book is available from Coffs Harbour Regional Museum Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour through Bellinger Valley HIstorical Society Waterfall Way Bellingen from 3e Innovative design and print Building A 172 Evans road Salisbury Qld and Barnes Hobbies New Lambton.

A full list of locations the book can be bought from will appear soon.

Cost of the book is 39.95 with proceeds from the sale being shared between Bellinger Valley Historical Society and Coffs Harbour Regional Museum.

Any questions and querries please PM me.
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Well done mate!
Graham R - Dalby Qld
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Thanks Mate
Writing this book was a 2 year journey a journey filled with ups and downs. Depression rared its ugly head during the course of research and writing. I had to endure ridicule over not being a Coffs Local having an interest in trains even for having the misfortune of battling a mental health illness in the forms of depression and anxiety. Reviews for the book will be appearing in the on train magazine for the GHAN and Australian Railway History in July.
I was given the opportunity to have a look at the book at the recent Bundaberg Model Train Show. Although not my main area of interest I was impressed by the quality by the book and ended up purchasing a copy. Highly recommended.  

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Thanks and Glad you liked it Bluey. There is two years worth of work, numerous hours on the road to archives museums and libraries. George Chapman deserves a fair share of credit for the design his team did wonders with the overall end product.

Bananacoast Railway is now available from ARHS NSW Div Bookshop 67 Redfern NSW 2016.

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