NGR and the disabled.
I understand the new NGR sets are walk through with the Guard to be located at the rear.

As all know the disabled and many of the elderly on walking frames wait at the centre of the platform for Guard and sometimes Station Staff assistance.  My station Wynnum North is only staffed 0500 - 1200 MF.  Wynnum North is on a 60kph curve and the DOWN platform sees quite a drop from the train door.  I always use the last door and the drop is about 18 inches.  I even help mothers with prams when they are there.  The front half of the train is not so steep.

As the NGR are essentially an EMU replacement plus a few extras, one assumes they will be spread around the network.  So there will be a mixture of rear and centre entry/exit points for the elderly and disabled for a while.

So currently with the elderly/disabled waiting at the platform centre, what will happen when an NGR arrives - do they have to scoot 80 metres to the rear for assistance, which would not impress them nor the timetable.

I have read elsewhere that maybe all Guards on all electric sets might be moved to the rear, which would fix this problem.  Designated disabled areas would have to be shifted as well, and existing 3 car sets would have to stop accordingly.
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