Sightings from Perth
Hello all, I have recently come back from a Holiday in Perth, and I managed to grab a few sightings whilst I was over there,(not many sightings) they are as follows
NR62 is in the process of refuelling at Cook, which is situated on the Nullarbour Plains
A Tamper track machine is about to enter the sidings at Midland, I have no idea where this has come from
Watco Australia's HL203 arrives at Midland, with a rake of what looks to be Grain Wagons, this will get propelled into the sidings where the Track Machine came from
The Prospector arrives at Midland from Kalgoorlie, this service runs twice a day in each direction.
CBH Locos 002/010 combine to haul a Grain Train through Midland,
At Woodbridge, CBH Locos 0014/017 combine to haul an outbound Grain Train
Kind Regards

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