Two rail workers killed this morning at Singleton
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On ABC NSW radio news this morning, I heard that two rail workers have been killed at Singleton station. Unfortunately, there is nothing as yet on the ABC News website, else I'd post a link.

More info as it comes to hand.......
Stand clear, doors slicing
Linky here:,23599,22081324-2,00.html
Stand clear, doors slicing
NSW Two rail workers killed by coal train TRAIN services have been cancelled
Article from: AAP
Daily Telegraph July 16, 2007 09:39am
TRAIN services have been cancelled in NSW's Hunter region this morning as authorities investigate the death of two rail workers.
The men were killed instantly when they were hit by a northbound coal train about 5.50am (AEST) today, as they worked on the track at Singleton station.
RailCorp said the tragic incident had forced the cancellation of the 6.21am, 8.51am and 10.10am services between Maitland and Muswellbrook.
A spokeswoman said more cancellations might follow.
"We're trying to get buses at the moment ... we're just seeing how long it takes to clear track," a spokeswoman said today.
"Until emergency clears the line we can't really run any trains."
A NSW police spokeswoman said a crime scene had been established, while WorkCover will also investigate.
"A northbound coal train has collided with two men on the tracks," the spokeswoman said.
"They were wearing work vests at the time and were killed instantly."
No details are available about the men.
The town of Singleton is on the banks of the Hunter River, just over 200km north-west of Sydney.
The two men were signal technicians working for the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).
"The two signal technicians appear to have been walking along the railway line about 5.30am this morning when they were struck by a train," ATRC chief executive David Marchant said.
"Prior to this, the two technicians had been working on points at Singleton Railway Station."
The men have not yet been formally identified.
Mr Marchant said the Australian Transport Safety Bureau would also investigate.
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Thats why there are things called Protection Officers and other things called Track Blocks?
The usual, expected and ill-informed media beat-up has begun. Ch 9's report was insinuating that the coalie could have stopped! Then they interview this little old lady who (supposedly) lives trackside, and reckons the trains go so fast she can't count the wagons........

Stand clear, doors slicing
YOu will never see anyone post this on Failpage .....

Myself an a coworker had to run a test train today, and the test train was right behind the coal train that hit these two. I was in the office frequently contact the coworker, and he said, what happened was....

ARTC was doing track work, and they had all the safety procedure in place(ie safety officer and everything), and after they finished the track work, they gather together, the two said "Hang on, I forgot something, can I go back and get it?" the safety officer said...yeah ok..quickly please...

And then the rest is history.
As a matter of interest, after surviving for approx. half a dozen posts, the thread on this subject at Railpage is now locked.
Stand clear, doors slicing
Just wondering were the rail safety workers there all ARTC blokes, or others from certain suspect labour hire companies?
Amid all the crap, it is a welcome pustule of truth bursting forth.<br /><br />Well, as they say, &quot;normal&quot; is just a setting on a dryer. So if you stick enough people in a laundry room, someone is bound to want to violate that dryer.
Thats why they are there, not here!!!

W.O.S. DFC free!!!
Oh What a Gasser! Rex Mossop.
Remember Ring having it out with Bromage on aus.rail about that same thing in connection to the Tamora incident.
Oh What a Gasser! Rex Mossop.

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